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Avenue Montaigne

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Fresh off the plane and facing a whole day of needing to stay awake, a walk from the Peninsula to the beautiful shops at Avenue Montaigne seemed like a good idea. Deliriously is such a good way to shop! I got this coat at COS a couple months ago and love the dramatic length and tie belt. So simple and chic in navy, and it let me get away with my white tshirt and leather mini uniform.

The Corner Goes Gender Neutral

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There’s one scene when they’re re-embroidering a dress an eight of the workers are huddled over this two meter piece of fabric. There’s no questioning of why they need to get this right. They just do it because the perfection in every seam of every silhouette matters.

So Clean It Hurts

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In between a pullover and a blouse and a sort of smock, it’s somehow the coolest thing to throw on over a dress or to pair with denim and leather.